We place great import on the institutional knowledge of our clients. What’s that? It’s the stuff you already know about yourself, your industry, your business, your customers and where you’d like to go. Our job is to help you, not trump you. While we see it as our charge to tell you what you should know, we stop short of telling you what you should think.

So the product, the it, that we offer isn’t a brochure, web site, mailer or even a marketing plan. It’s a commitment to you and your bottom line. One to respectfully tell the truth even when it hurts. To make a difference for your business.


We like surprises. The birthday

kind, not the IRS kind. So we

promise to tell you, to the penny


before we fire a synapse

on your behalf.


Greg Sinise has spent over 35 years working in very complex business and technical environments, improving organizational capability and increasing the overall value of the products and services delivered to their customer. Working from the boardroom to an individual department, his functional and technical knowledge finds him frequently in client environments as one of our leading strategists and executive management facilitators. He has used these skills in a number of public and private sector organizations across the country working both in Fortune 500 as well as mid-market companies. He has an MBA from Purdue University, with an emphasis on Finance, Marketing and Technology.

Meet him for yourself:

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